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We offer reliable and professional asbestos services at affordable prices

Excel Asbestos Removals guarantees quality asbestos removal that is competitively priced. Our fully licensed team of professionals is certified in Queensland and adheres to strict government regulations that governs asbestos removal procedures.

Types of Quality Asbestos Removal

The comprehensive program is applied to each and every asbestos removal job that we handle for our clients. However, this simply represents the care and diligence that we use when handling all of our cases. In reality, different asbestos removal jobs call for different approaches.

This is certainly not the full extent of the removal services we handle in Queensland, but it does represent the diversity of the different cases we encounter.

If you have any concerns about asbestos on your property, whether you are based in Brisbane, Northside, Toowoomba or anywhere else across Queensland, call us to arrange an inspection

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A common building material between the 1940’s and late 1980’s, asbestos was widely used across Australia. It’s suggested that three-quarters of all properties built before 1995 have some asbestos within their confines.

Cutting or distributing this material can increase human exposure to asbestos by sending millions of tiny fibres into the air which cause cancer and lung tissue scarring.

To assure safe asbestos removal and avoid fibres lingering, you need to use the Excel Asbestos Removals Process for inspection, removal and disposal. Our process has been developed as the ultimate method  to guarantee your safety and ours:

  1. Inspect
    • Call us for an onsite inspection
    • Samples are tested
    • Quote provided
  2. Prepare
    • Isolate the working area
    • Wet area to reduce spread of airborne fibres
    • Set up negative air units to control airborne fibres
    • Set up vacuums
  3. Remove
    • Removal of hazardous material
    • Seal & wet material to reduce exposure, ready for disposal
  4. Decontaminate
    • Vacuum working area
    • Wash down surfaces
    • Seal areas the material was taken from
    • Remove equipment
  5. Disposal
    • Hazardous material is disposed at a license facility

No Asbestos Removal Job too Big or too Small

Some of the most common asbestos removal jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area.

Asbestos removal from roofing area – This is particularly common thanks to popular construction methods for old fashioned roofs

Residential and domestic asbestos removal – Older residential properties may include traces of asbestos in insulation and other areas of the home

Commercial property asbestos removal – The above also applies to commercial properties and shops which were constructed more than a few decades ago.

Asbestos demolition – Perhaps the greatest risk from asbestos contamination comes when the asbestos material is demolished, as this is when minute fibres are released into the atmosphere. We take great care to ensure this is not the case

Removal of asbestos floor tiles – Insulated flooring, particularly in older properties, is another key area for asbestos

Asbestos pipe removal – Asbestos was often used to insulate water pipes on a property so this type of removal is one of the most common in Queensland

Asbestos cement removal – Bonded asbestos in cement is another common form of the material found in the Brisbane area

Removal of corrugated asbestos sheets – One technique used when handling asbestos was to bond it with other substances to create a stiff board or sheet. While these sheets do not pose as big a risk as other forms of asbestos, they must still be responsibly removed

Asbestos duct removal – Asbestos has a habit of cropping up in air ducts, either as insulative lagging or as fibres in the air. Removal of such material is vital.

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Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B

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Professional Asbestos Management Plan Protects You From Asbestos Exposure

Your family colleagues and community can rest easy

Why is an Asbestos Management Plan so Important?

The team at Excel Asbestos Removals has a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients and of the general public. An asbestos management plan is a major part of this.

As outlined above, a high-quality plan will cover all aspects of the asbestos assessment, removal and disposal procedure. This means, there must be a plan that covers more than the discovery and handling of the asbestos.

The plan will outline precisely what every team member’s responsibility is in relation to the asbestos procedure, and how the process will be monitored and controlled. To put it simply, this is a comprehensive set of instructions, records and guidelines, designed to secure the eventual success of the project.

Are you worried about asbestos exposure?

One of our fully licensed professionals will explain our safe protocols to put your mind as ease

Our Asbestos Management Plans clearly state:

  • the aims of the plan
  • what is going to be carried out
  • when it is going to be done
  • how it is going to be done

There is no room for error when it comes
to disposing of asbestos. Safety must always be paramount.

What does a business management plan reflect?

Our asbestos management plans are written in relation to identified, or assumed asbestos or ACM, as well as including for naturally occurring asbestos at a workplace. This includes:

  • the identification of the asbestos or ACM (e.g. a reference or link to the asbestos register and location of signs and labels)
  • decisions and reasons about management of asbestos such as safe work procedures and control measures
  • procedures for dealing with incidents or emergencies in relation to asbestos or ACM
  • workers carrying out work involving asbestos (e.g. consultation, information and training responsibilities).

We Follow Strict Queensland Government Guidelines

To Best Protect You

The Legacy of an Asbestos Management Plan

In the testing section of our service pages, we discussed the procedure that our team utilises during the analysis and testing of the asbestos sample. It is at this stage that we aim to ascertain as much information about the property and its history as we can in order to piece together a picture of what sort of asbestos type we might be dealing with.

If a comprehensive asbestos management plan has been carried out, this section of the process becomes far easier as all the information is laid out there before us. The more details we have, the better we can do our job when it comes assessing, preparing, removing and disposing of the asbestos material.

This is the legacy element of an asbestos management plan. Of course, our aim is to give our clients a safe and secure place to live and work, but we recognise that the scope of our job is far broader than this.

We must ensure that our properties and our workplaces are safe and healthy for our children to live and work in, and their children, and so on and so forth. By maintaining proper records and by filling out an exhaustive and comprehensive report, we can make this much easier to accomplish.

Read this Queensland government publication for more information on asbestos management plans.  To learn about our other services, get in touch with the Excel Asbestos Removals team today.

Would you like to know more about our Management plans?

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Best Safety Protocols

For Asbestos Removal and Disposal In Queensland

How we manage the process to avoid asbestos exposure

An Asbestos Management Plan assists with the management and control of buildings and other relevant structures to prevent exposure to airborne asbestos fibres by a building occupants and visitors.

At Excel Asbestos Removals Removals Qld we take all reasonable steps to label and record asbestos in an easy to understand register, designed to inform everyone on the premises where asbestos is present, the consequences of exposure and other appropriate asbestos control measures.

Our Management Plan details:

  • the workplace’s register of asbestos
  • details of maintenance, or service work on the asbestos including:
  • who performed the work
  • the dates it was done
  • the scope of the work
  • any clearance certificates
  • how people at risk are informed about asbestos in the workplace, the risks they pose and the control measures in place
  • decisions about management options and the reasons for these decisions
  • a timetable for action, including priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments and specific circumstances that may affect the timetable
  • monitoring arrangements
  • the responsibilities of people involved in the plan
  • training arrangements for workers and contractors
  • a procedure for reviewing and updating the management plan and the register of asbestos, including a timetable
  • safe work methods.

Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B

Companies with whom we are proudly associated

Safe Asbestos Removal And Waste Disposal Is Paramount

Excel Asbestos Removals places health and safety first, in accordance with Queensland government regulations

Excel Asbestos Removals is synonymous with safe asbestos removal. Everything we do, from asbestos testing, identification, management planning, removal to asbestos waste disposal reflects the strictest professional standards. We ensure that your safety and health are prioritised.

Our asbestos services are competitively priced and by utilising our services, you could be saving yourself a great deal of anxiety, stress, trouble and even physical health problems.

Safe Asbestos Removal and Disposal Work is Paramount

As you can see, the fifth part of our comprehensive asbestos inspection and removal service is disposal. This is a critical element in the process – one of the major problems surrounding asbestos in Australia is that it does not go away. It must be disposed of in a responsible and careful manner.

This is precisely what the team at Excel are trained to do. When we take care of your asbestos removal job in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland, we are committed to seeing it through to completion, delivering you a safe, secure and comfortable environment, whether for life or for work.

Strict government regulations govern the handling and disposal of asbestos within Queensland.

To learn more about safe asbestos removal work, as defined by the Queensland government, read the following workplace health and safety Queensland information.

Are you worried your new home has asbestos?

One of our fully licensed professionals will examine, test, evaluate and advise on the next steps

Call on Excel Asbestos Removals for safe asbestos removal and disposal

We employ the strictest safety procedures to avoid asbestos exposure and the harmful diseases that can result. To learn more, read the following Australian government publication, entitled asbestos related diseases.

We use our Government registered (Department of Environment and Heritage) transport vehicles to transport all asbestos waste to Government registered waste management facilities.

Our practices ensure that the stringent Government legislation and codes of practice are adhered to, guaranteeing the highest standard of safety is achieved.

Asbestos Regulations in Queensland

Depending on the scale of the disposal, and on the purposes behind the initial removal of the asbestos material, the government of Queensland implements several different levels of regulation.

If you select a company that doesn’t adhere to safety protocols, then people are not protected from asbestos exposure. To learn more about asbestos safety, Worksafe Queensland shares the following publication about safe asbestos work procedures.

Low Level, Non-Commercial Disposal

Residents of Queensland are actually permitted to transfer up to 250kg  of asbestos related waste, provided this is not removed from a commercial property and provided that the material is not being transported on a commercial basis.

While this level of asbestos removal is not subject to any direct laws or regulations, as imposed by the government of Queensland, asbestos is still classed as a hazardous material and citizens transporting it are required to act responsibly.

This means contacting the disposal site ahead of time to learn about any restrictions or specific rules which they have put in place regarding the handling and disposal of asbestos. What’s more, the asbestos material itself must be wrapped and securely sealed.

However, while it is legally acceptable for private individuals and organisations to handle this level of disposal by themselves, it is not recommended.

In any volume and at any concentration, asbestos is a highly dangerous substance and should be treated as such. It is far more advisable to leave the disposal work to an expert team of asbestos removalists, such as Excel.

Higher Levels of Asbestos, or Removal from Commercial Properties

In most cases, for asbestos loads of 250kg or more, disposal must be carried out by a licensed contractor. Even if you feel that you would be able to handle the disposal work on your own, the risk to yourself and to the general public is simply too great.

Instead, the law of Queensland requires you, in most cases, to seek out the services of a licensed and reputable commercial contractor, such as the team here at Excel.

When engaging in larger scale asbestos disposal jobs in Brisbane, Gold Coast or elsewhere in Queensland, we are fulfilling the role of a licensed commercial regulated waste transporter. This means we are bound by the transportation regulations delivered to us by the local government authority.

Beyond this, we are bound by our own, self-imposed code of conduct and practice. This code of practice ensures that we always handle asbestos removal and disposal with the utmost care, responsibility and professionalism.

The safety of our clients, the general public, the environment which we all share, and our team, is always paramount to us. You won’t find another asbestos disposal team in the Queensland area who can match this level of expertise and dedication.

Special Considerations for Disposal

In the vast majority of cases, asbestos disposal will take place as part of our standard five step process. This begins with inspection, followed by preparation, removal, decontamination, and, finally, disposal.

Each step in this procedure is carried out to the same high standards of care and consideration, ensuring a full and complete service with no compromise on quality at any stage.

However, there are times when the removal and disposal segments of this procedure must be accelerated, usually because, the risk to the business owner, their team, the residents of the property, or the general public, is greater than usual.

We have detailed a few of these examples below;

  • If asbestos materials are suddenly exposed following a flood, natural disaster, or accident on the property
  • If a demolition project taking place on the property unexpectedly uncovers asbestos or other suspicious material
  • If asbestos materials were left undetected after a previous inspection job, and renovation work has led to its exposure
  • If asbestos is suddenly and unexpectedly exposed for whatever reason

We will ascertain the cost of an asbestos disposal project on a case by case basis. However, it is worth noting that asbestos is a highly dangerous substance, linked to cancers and other severe respiratory illnesses. Commercial removal is always the safest option.

In many cases, you will be legally obliged to seek officially licensed help when it comes to the disposal of the asbestos substance. If you find yourself suddenly needing asbestos disposal services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or elsewhere in Queensland, give us a call to discuss the cost or to get your project started.

The sooner you get the material disposed of responsibly, the better. We are on hand to help you to achieve this.

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Identifying Asbestos Quickly, Safely and Professionally

Our professional services reflect fast asbestos identification

South East Queensland - from northern Sunshine Coast to southern Gold Coast and west towards Toowoomba

We would however, welcome an opportunity to discuss any larger scale projects outside of these nominated areas.

Professionally Identifying Asbestos

Includes Comprehensive Services

Are you looking for a company that identifies asbestos quickly?

Our fully licensed professionals will examine, test, evaluate and recommend the best course of action

Urgent Care Provided for Stressful Asbestos

Asbestos Education

Asbestos Annual Checkup

Asbestos Questions and Answers

Certified Asbestos Specialists

Asbestos Services

Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B

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Signs of Asbestos and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Our fully licensed asbestos professionals answer your questions

There are many signs of asbestos that positively identify the existence of asbestos in your home and commercial property. Here we share some useful tips, advice and explore some other frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that doesn’t appear, please feel free to contact an Excel Asbestos Removals professional via the contact form below.

Why is asbestos so dangerous

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of millions of microscopic fibres that can be released by abrasion or other processes.  The reason asbestos was used was it has great sound absorption qualities, it’s affordable, resistant to fire, heat and electricity.  It was a perfect product for insulation in buildings. The Australian government department of health provides information about when and where asbestos was used in the following publication.

As the fibres are so microscopic, most people don’t realise they are enhalling them as there are no ill effects felt immediately. However, inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious and fatal illnesses many years later such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

How do I know if I have asbestos in my home?

Approximately one third of all homes in Australia contain asbestos products.  If your house was built before 1990, it is likely that it would have some asbestos containing materials.

Can I remove it myself?

You are only legally allowed to remove asbestos if it is less than 10 square metres and it is non-friable.  Anything over this amount or friable asbestos must be removed by a licenced asbestos removalist.

Asbestos Frequent Questions

Helping You Develop A Management Plan

What are some signs of asbestos?

Signs of asbestos include the following:

Some of the tell-tale signs a product may contain asbestos.  In the case of roofing material, it is generally grey in appearance with white streaks clearly evident (this may look like bird droppings, in actual fact the white material evident is the asbestos fibres showing, exposed to the weather and air after the cement matrix has been weathered away by an event such as hail).

Another way to see if the material you’re looking at contains asbestos: it may be possible to see a ‘hatched’ pattern through the paint on the face of a ‘bonded’ asbestos sheet; additionally bonded sheets also generally a wooden or a moulded asbestos cover strip covering the joints between the sheets.

With Low Density Board (LDB) it is harder to detect – these may have a bevelled edge and are predominantly nailed to the framing around the edges just like a non-asbestos sheet; these will also appear soft if abraded with a hard object.  LDB should be considered highly dangerous and not interfered with.  If you suspect LDB consult an A Class licensed Asbestos Removalist and don’t attempt removal of the product yourself.

Sometimes, if the back of an asbestos sheet is exposed, the original manufacturer’s warning label may also be visible – clearly stating the product contains asbestos.

Until either the opinion of an expert is sought and/or NATA laboratory testing of a sample of the material is completed – there is no way to be 100% sure if a material contains asbestos or not.  Always assume it does contain asbestos, until proven otherwise.

Can asbestos stay in my home while I am living there?

Yes, as long as the product containing the asbestos materials are not damaged in any way, then it is perfectly safe.

When does asbestos become dangerous to me and my family?

If there is any damage to your home then the asbestos fibers may be released and become airborne. If you are doing any renovations, even as small as drilling a hole to install a light or an air conditioner, this can be enough to disturb the asbestos and become dangerous.

Are you worried your new home has asbestos?

One of our fully licensed professionals will examine, test, evaluate and advise on the next steps

When do I know it is safe to re-occupy my house?

All licenced asbestos removal companies should provide you with a clearance certificate.  This means the area where the asbestos has been removed has been independently checked by a professional to ensure that the area is free from asbestos and it is safe to re-enter.

Why do people charge different rates to remove asbestos?

There can be a good deal of difference between rates quoted by Asbestos Removalists, some of the reasons this can occur are:

  • In the case of Low Density Board (LDB) – an A Class licensed removalist will quote to remove this highly hazardous asbestos product under A Class conditions (eg the removal area will be placed under negative air pressure – using a HEPA cored Negative Pressure Unit) and all asbestos removalists will hold an individula A Class competency.  An A Class operator will use a range of different equipment, when compared to the very basic equipment used by B Class operator.

Some examples of the different requirements for A Class asbestos removal are:

all removalists will be required to wear full-face respirators (similar to those used by Firefighters), be required to ‘shower out’ when leaving the removal area; all waste materials will be double wrapped and also showered out – ensuring that no asbestos fibres leave the removal area.  A Class asbestos removal is generally overseen by an independent Asbestos Assessor, who in addition to conducting Air Monitoring and Fibre Counting also confirms the final end result and issues the required Clearance Certificate(s).

  • Some operators do not adopt the ‘best practice’ for the asbestos removal requirements of the work, but rather will cut corners in an effort to reduce the time taken to complete the work to the highest standards of outcome and safety and to offer a perceivably ‘cheaper’ price to a customer
  • Some operators will encourage customers to ‘pay cash’ – this may seem tempting, but the downside of this is that it provides a customer will little consumer protection and the ability to have problems rectified should they occur.
  • Some operators fail to mention, or insist upon, that for a total removal of greater than 10 square metres the work needs to have issued a Clearance Certificate – stating that the area is safe to reoccupy without respiratory protection.

The cost saving of a few hundred dollars might seem significant at the time, but without a valid Clearance Certificate; issued by either a Competent Person or Asbestos Assessor it contrives the Govt Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos and a work site cannot be reoccupied by anyone not wearing respiratory protection.  The obtaining of a Clearance Certificate is the responsibility of the person engaging the asbestos removal works (eg home owner, or builder).

  • Some operators do not spend the necessary money annually to maintain their equipment – an example of this is a HEPA ‘H’ (H for Hazardous) dust vacuum cleaner; these vital pieces of equipment should be stripped down by an authorised service agent once per year and recertified as fit for use.  The Govt Regulator (WHSQ) is Queensland will demand all service records for all equipment used by an asbestos removal contractor in the event of a breach of the Code of Practice resulting in an asbestos contamination of a property (by then it’s generally too late).  Reputable operators have their equipment services regularly to ensure peak performance and efficiency in a harzardous environment.  You have the right to insist on copies of the service records if you feel in unsure for any reason regarding the integrity of the equipment to be used at your property.

Improper hazardous waste disposal.  It cost asbestos removal operators considerable cost to legally transport and dispose of hazardous asbestos waste.  Some unscrupulous operators cut corners and illegally dispose of asbestos contaminates unlawfully; facing prosecution only if caught.

Can my pets stay at home when asbestos is being removed?

As long as pets are kept out of the way and at least 10 metres from the removal zone, then no harm should come to them.  Our recommendations are that if it is a large removal, the pets are not left on the property.

What is the difference between an A and B Class Asbestos Licence?

An A Class Asbestos Removal Licence can only be issued, by the Govt Regulator (in Queensland this is Workplace Health & Safety Queensland), upon verified satisfaction by WHSQ that the applicant has a MINIMUM of 3 years friable asbestos removal experience.

Part of the licensing process requires an applicant to possess a Safety Management System, this must be independently certified in compliance with Australian Standard AS4801-2001 by an independent Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JANZ) member.

This process ensures that an A Class Licensed Asbestos Removal business (not merely an individual who has successfully completed their individual; Friable asbestos removal accrediation) meets strict Govt guidelines to ensure friable asbestos removal is completed safely. An A Class license holder is more than qualified to also undertake B (Bonded) Class asbestos removal also.

To obtain a B Class Asbestos Removal license – an individual must complete a single day course (Removal of Non-friable asbestos), apply for a B Class License (license cost approximately $200) and hold an Australian Business Number (ABN).

The costs to satisfy the requirements of an A Class license are between $20000 to $30000 – excluding extra equipment required to undertake A Class work.

It’s highly recommended to engage only an asbestos removal businesses holding an A Class licence.

What's the difference between bonded and Friable asbestos?

Friable asbestos is generally caused when a power tool is applied to any asbestos containing material – resulting in disbursement of the fibres into the air at high speed; once airborne these fibres are easily inhaled or settle on surfaces and can easily be disturbed again.

Friable asbestos can also be defined as asbestos products branded with any part description ‘lux’ (Latin for light) – typically defining these sheets were manufactured without cement forming their matrix.  Typically plaster was used in place of cement making the sheets lightweight to handle and install – but readily Friable when disturbed.  These lightweight sheets are generally referred to as Low Density Board or the acronym LDB.

LDB should ideally be removed under A Class condition, as it becomes easily Friable.

Bonded asbestos is defined as the asbestos fibres being well encased in a cement matrix and not readily made friable when disturbed.  A good example of this is the traditional ‘fibro’ sheet used as external cladding on a building. When painted and in good condition it poses little threat.

Dedicated and Trusted

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Looking for an answer to an Asbestos related question?

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Removing Asbestos From Homes & Offices Safely

Excel Asbestos Removals eliminates asbestos safely and quickly

“Excel Asbestos Removals is your South East Queensland authority on asbestos disposal and home testing. We aim to reduce asbestos disease through increased education, detection and hassle-free elimination.”

When inhaled, asbestos fibres can cause disease and illness, which can potentially be fatal. With your safety in mind, we have set up our Call Before You Cut number – 0419 329 298.

Our Professional Team Expertly Removes Asbestos From Workplaces

Developed for the general public and tradespeople alike, this is our centralised resource call line for all your asbestos information.

Book an asbestos inspection or gather information about current government regulations regarding the material.

We help you best protect your place of business and homes from the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Gympie. Whether you require asbestos testing, the safe removal or safe and reliable asbestos waste disposal, our team of professionals is here to assist.

Asbestos Removal Specialists who eliminate Asbestos from Homes

Minimise your risk of asbestos disease with Excel Asbestos Removals. Using the latest techniques and technologies, we guarantee the most thorough building inspections and asbestos removal in South East Queensland. Use our Call Before You Cut Hotline (0419 329 298) now and eliminate your exposure to asbestos.

Your South East Queensland dedicated asbestos removalists who eliminate, dispose and ensures your home is safe. We aim to reduce asbestos disease through increased education, detection and hassle-free elimination.

Did you just find out that you have asbestos?

Don’t panic, as we have you covered. We know how scary it is, considering the health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Our team will do everything possible to schedule a time today.

Removing Asbestos: The Process For Homes and Offices

  • Identify Asbestos
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Education
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Safety
  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Asbestos Clearance Certification
  • Asbestos Management Plan

Dedicated and Trusted

Removing Asbestos From Brisbane To Gympie Queensland

Why We’re Dedicated to Safe Asbestos Removal

Mission Statement

Excel Asbestos Removals provides you with peace of mind, safely removing harmful asbestos from your home and place of business.

Value Statement

For 15 years, our licensed professionals have been committed to quality asbestos removal at competitive prices. It’s our exceptional service that distinguishes us from other asbestos removal companies. Excel Asbestos Removals is dedicated to education, skilled training and continuing to help communities safely eliminate asbestos.

We’ve Been Successfully Removing Asbestos For Over 15 Years

We are proud to be one of the best asbestos removal companies in South East Queensland. Asbestos inspections on any property are managed safely by our team of licensed and qualified professionals.

Asbestos Education Keeps Queensland’s People Informed About Safety Procedures

With our expert knowledge, we couple our work with education about asbestos. We’re committed to not only minimising exposure to asbestos, but to developing an understanding about the risks associated with the material.

At Excel Asbestos Removals Qld, your safety is of paramount importance to us. All our work is carried out with the strictest of care and abides by stringent Government requirements to help you avoid exposure to asbestos. To learn about the health risks associated with asbestos removal, read the following Queensland government information about asbestos safety.

Removing Asbestos Safely and Responsibly in Brisbane and Throughout Queensland

Our Team of Asbestos Removal Experts

Mark Patterson and his team form a dynamic and energetic partnership which continues to move the business forward, servicing an every growing list of clients – including residential customers, builders (small, medium and large project) and our rapidly growing insurance markets (both direct insurers and their nominated delivery builders).

Mark Patterson

Company Director / Operations Manager A Class Supervisor
0419 329 298

Mark has years of practical asbestos industry experience and in 2017 founded Excel Asbestos Removals . The vision is to present a well-founded and practical and approach to asbestos removal. Mark is a personable professional, is customer service oriented and strives to ensure that all customers receive the best attention and advice available with regard to their asbestos removal requirements.

Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B

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Professional Asbestos Removal

For more than 15 years, Excel Asbestos Removals has been assisting customers with professional asbestos removal Brisbane wide and throughout South East Queensland. We proudly service Queensland homes and businesses and guarantee the safest practices, in accordance with the best industry standards.

Fully Licenced and Queensland Government Certified Asbestos Removalists

Our fully licensed asbestos removalists are highly skilled and expertly trained in the safest, quality practices. All of our techniques and protocols are in accordance with Queensland government regulations. From identifying asbestos, comprehensive testing, removal, safe waste disposable to detailed management plans, we offer a full asbestos removal solution for our Queensland clients. Our practical industry experience, distinguishes us from other Brisbane based asbestos removal companies.

Do you want to eliminate asbestos safely and quickly?

Our asbestos removalists are awaiting your call, so that we can help you breathe easy again

Your Asbestos Problem Is Our Business

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Dedicated and Trusted Asbestos Removal Brisbane

"Very helpful and quick to respond"

Andrea P

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.

Dean B

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.

Sally B

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Very knowledgeable about the risks and legislation around removal and disposal

John H

Asbestos Removal Brisbane, Search Tempo

Mark was very thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable on all things relating to asbestos.


Asbestos SurveyBrisbane

I must say I was impressed with the level of professionalism and response time, my project came in on budget and well within the allocated time.

Jeremy Q

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

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