Removing Asbestos From Homes & Offices Safely

Excel Asbestos Removals eliminates asbestos safely and quickly

“Excel Asbestos Removals is your South East Queensland authority on asbestos disposal and home testing. We aim to reduce asbestos disease through increased education, detection and hassle-free elimination.”

When inhaled, asbestos fibres can cause disease and illness, which can potentially be fatal. With your safety in mind, we have set up our Call Before You Cut number – 0419 329 298.

Our Professional Team Expertly Removes Asbestos From Workplaces

Developed for the general public and tradespeople alike, this is our centralised resource call line for all your asbestos information.

Book an asbestos inspection or gather information about current government regulations regarding the material.

We help you best protect your place of business and homes from the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Gympie. Whether you require asbestos testing, the safe removal or safe and reliable asbestos waste disposal, our team of professionals is here to assist.

Asbestos Removal Specialists who eliminate Asbestos from Homes

Minimise your risk of asbestos disease with Excel Asbestos Removals. Using the latest techniques and technologies, we guarantee the most thorough building inspections and asbestos removal in South East Queensland. Use our Call Before You Cut Hotline (0419 329 298) now and eliminate your exposure to asbestos.

Your South East Queensland dedicated asbestos removalists who eliminate, dispose and ensures your home is safe. We aim to reduce asbestos disease through increased education, detection and hassle-free elimination.

Did you just find out that you have asbestos?

Don’t panic, as we have you covered. We know how scary it is, considering the health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Our team will do everything possible to schedule a time today.

Removing Asbestos: The Process For Homes and Offices

  • Identify Asbestos
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Education
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Safety
  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Asbestos Clearance Certification
  • Asbestos Management Plan

Dedicated and Trusted

Removing Asbestos From Brisbane To Gympie Queensland

Why We’re Dedicated to Safe Asbestos Removal

Mission Statement

Excel Asbestos Removals provides you with peace of mind, safely removing harmful asbestos from your home and place of business.

Value Statement

For 15 years, our licensed professionals have been committed to quality asbestos removal at competitive prices. It’s our exceptional service that distinguishes us from other asbestos removal companies. Excel Asbestos Removals is dedicated to education, skilled training and continuing to help communities safely eliminate asbestos.

We’ve Been Successfully Removing Asbestos For Over 15 Years

We are proud to be one of the best asbestos removal companies in South East Queensland. Asbestos inspections on any property are managed safely by our team of licensed and qualified professionals.

Asbestos Education Keeps Queensland’s People Informed About Safety Procedures

With our expert knowledge, we couple our work with education about asbestos. We’re committed to not only minimising exposure to asbestos, but to developing an understanding about the risks associated with the material.

At Excel Asbestos Removals Qld, your safety is of paramount importance to us. All our work is carried out with the strictest of care and abides by stringent Government requirements to help you avoid exposure to asbestos. To learn about the health risks associated with asbestos removal, read the following Queensland government information about asbestos safety.

Removing Asbestos Safely and Responsibly in Brisbane and Throughout Queensland

Our Team of Asbestos Removal Experts

Mark Patterson and his team form a dynamic and energetic partnership which continues to move the business forward, servicing an every growing list of clients – including residential customers, builders (small, medium and large project) and our rapidly growing insurance markets (both direct insurers and their nominated delivery builders).

Mark Patterson

Company Director / Operations Manager A Class Supervisor
0419 329 298

Mark has years of practical asbestos industry experience and in 2017 founded Excel Asbestos Removals . The vision is to present a well-founded and practical and approach to asbestos removal. Mark is a personable professional, is customer service oriented and strives to ensure that all customers receive the best attention and advice available with regard to their asbestos removal requirements.

Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B