Identifying Asbestos Quickly, Safely and Professionally

Our professional services reflect fast asbestos identification

South East Queensland - from northern Sunshine Coast to southern Gold Coast and west towards Toowoomba

We would however, welcome an opportunity to discuss any larger scale projects outside of these nominated areas.

Professionally Identifying Asbestos

Includes Comprehensive Services

Are you looking for a company that identifies asbestos quickly?

Our fully licensed professionals will examine, test, evaluate and recommend the best course of action

Urgent Care Provided for Stressful Asbestos

Asbestos Education

Asbestos Annual Checkup

Asbestos Questions and Answers

Certified Asbestos Specialists

Asbestos Services

Excel Asbestos Removals clients share their experiences

“Very helpful and quick to respond”
July 20th 2018

Andrea P

“They were very responsive, helpful and professional. They cleaned up afterwards and I was pleased with the job. I would use them again.”
July 20th 2018

Dean B

“They offered a good price, came on time, efficient, professional and I was very pleased with their approach and with their work. I would recommend this business.”

Sally B

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