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Why is an Asbestos Management Plan so Important?

The team at Excel Asbestos Removals has a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients and of the general public. An asbestos management plan is a major part of this.

As outlined above, a high-quality plan will cover all aspects of the asbestos assessment, removal and disposal procedure. This means, there must be a plan that covers more than the discovery and handling of the asbestos.

The plan will outline precisely what every team member’s responsibility is in relation to the asbestos procedure, and how the process will be monitored and controlled. To put it simply, this is a comprehensive set of instructions, records and guidelines, designed to secure the eventual success of the project.

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Our Asbestos Management Plans clearly state:

  • the aims of the plan
  • what is going to be carried out
  • when it is going to be done
  • how it is going to be done

There is no room for error when it comes
to disposing of asbestos. Safety must always be paramount.

What does a business management plan reflect?

Our asbestos management plans are written in relation to identified, or assumed asbestos or ACM, as well as including for naturally occurring asbestos at a workplace. This includes:

  • the identification of the asbestos or ACM (e.g. a reference or link to the asbestos register and location of signs and labels)
  • decisions and reasons about management of asbestos such as safe work procedures and control measures
  • procedures for dealing with incidents or emergencies in relation to asbestos or ACM
  • workers carrying out work involving asbestos (e.g. consultation, information and training responsibilities).

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The Legacy of an Asbestos Management Plan

In the testing section of our service pages, we discussed the procedure that our team utilises during the analysis and testing of the asbestos sample. It is at this stage that we aim to ascertain as much information about the property and its history as we can in order to piece together a picture of what sort of asbestos type we might be dealing with.

If a comprehensive asbestos management plan has been carried out, this section of the process becomes far easier as all the information is laid out there before us. The more details we have, the better we can do our job when it comes assessing, preparing, removing and disposing of the asbestos material.

This is the legacy element of an asbestos management plan. Of course, our aim is to give our clients a safe and secure place to live and work, but we recognise that the scope of our job is far broader than this.

We must ensure that our properties and our workplaces are safe and healthy for our children to live and work in, and their children, and so on and so forth. By maintaining proper records and by filling out an exhaustive and comprehensive report, we can make this much easier to accomplish.

Read this Queensland government publication for more information on asbestos management plans.  To learn about our other services, get in touch with the Excel Asbestos Removals team today.

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Best Safety Protocols

For Asbestos Removal and Disposal In Queensland

How we manage the process to avoid asbestos exposure

An Asbestos Management Plan assists with the management and control of buildings and other relevant structures to prevent exposure to airborne asbestos fibres by a building occupants and visitors.

At Excel Asbestos Removals Removals Qld we take all reasonable steps to label and record asbestos in an easy to understand register, designed to inform everyone on the premises where asbestos is present, the consequences of exposure and other appropriate asbestos control measures.

Our Management Plan details:

  • the workplace’s register of asbestos
  • details of maintenance, or service work on the asbestos including:
  • who performed the work
  • the dates it was done
  • the scope of the work
  • any clearance certificates
  • how people at risk are informed about asbestos in the workplace, the risks they pose and the control measures in place
  • decisions about management options and the reasons for these decisions
  • a timetable for action, including priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments and specific circumstances that may affect the timetable
  • monitoring arrangements
  • the responsibilities of people involved in the plan
  • training arrangements for workers and contractors
  • a procedure for reviewing and updating the management plan and the register of asbestos, including a timetable
  • safe work methods.

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