Types of Asbestos Removal

The five step program mentioned above is applied to each and every asbestos removal job that we handle for our clients. However, this simply represents the care and diligence that we use when handling all of our cases. In reality, different asbestos removal jobs call for different approaches.

Below you will find details of some of the most common asbestos removal jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area.

Asbestos removal from roofing area – This is particularly common thanks to popular construction methods for old fashioned roofs

Residential and domestic asbestos removal – Older residential properties may include traces of asbestos in insulation and other areas of the home

Commercial property asbestos removal – The above also applies to commercial properties and shops which were constructed more than a few decades ago

Asbestos demolition – Perhaps the greatest risk from asbestos contamination comes when the asbestos material is demolished, as this is when minute fibres are released into the atmosphere. We take great care to ensure this is not the case

Removal of asbestos floor tiles – Insulated flooring, particularly in older properties, is another key area for asbestos

Asbestos pipe removal – Asbestos was often used to insulate water pipes on a property so this type of removal is one of the most common in Queensland

Asbestos cement removal – Bonded asbestos in cement is another common form of the material found in the Brisbane area

Removal of corrugated asbestos sheets – One technique used when handling asbestos was to bond it with other substances to create a stiff board or sheet. While these sheets do not pose as big a risk as other forms of asbestos, they must still be responsibly removed

Asbestos duct removal – Asbestos has a habit of cropping up in air ducts, either as insulative lagging or as fibres in the air. Removal of such material is vital.

This is certainly not the full extent of the removal services we handle in Queensland, but it does represent the diversity of the different cases we encounter.

If you have any concerns about asbestos on your property, whether you are based in Brisbane, Northside, Toowoomba or anywhere else across Queensland, call us to arrange an inspection

Call on Excel Asbestos Removals Qld for asbestos removal, disposal and to minimise disease from exposure to asbestos.

A common building material between the 1940’s and late 1980’s, asbestos was widely used across Australia. It’s suggested that three-quarters of all properties built before 1995 have some asbestos within their confines.

Cutting or distributing this material can increase human exposure to asbestos by sending millions of tiny fibres into the air which cause cancer and lung tissue scarring.

To assure safe asbestos removal and avoid fibres lingering, you need to use the Excel Asbestos Five Step Process for inspection, removal and disposal. Our process has been developed as the ultimate method  to guarantee your safety and ours:


1. Inspect

  1. Call us for an onsite inspection
  2. Samples are tested
  3. Quote provided

2. Prepare

  1. Isolate the working area
  2. Wet area to reduce spread of airborne fibres
  3. Set up negative air units to control airborne fibres
  4. Set up vacuums

3. Remove

  1. Removal of hazardous material
  2. Seal & wet material to reduce exposure, ready for disposal

4. Decontaminate

  1. Vacuum working area
  2. Wash down surfaces
  3. Seal areas the material was taken from
  4. Remove equipment

5. Disposal

  1. Hazardous material is disposed at a license facility
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